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Participants of the Black Sea Winemaking Forum can be any public or state organization or association, state or private company working in the winemaking or related sectors of economy.

The owners, executives and employees of the companies representing the vitivinicultural and related business sectors; the heads of the relevant professional associations and unions; researches, experts, analysts wine critics and bloggers, the lawyers and legal experts in the field; journalists and the representatives of the relevant media; the official trade representatives from the countries of the region responsible for the winemaking sector; the officials responsible for the vitiviniculture regulation and development from the state and interstate authorities; officials and non-governmental representatives working in the vitivinicultural sector on the local and regional levels from the famous and newly developing Black Sea wine regions will take part in the conference and at the exhibition of the Black Sea Winemaking Forum. The leading economic and legal experts on the logistics, retail and investments in the wine sector will also join the team of the participants.