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Regulations and Registration

The Competition and the Rating “Black Sea Wines 2017” will be held on the sidelines of the IV Black Sea Winemaking Forum. The Jury is consist of the leading experts from the countries of the region (Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Russia).

Chairmen of the Jury: Stanimir Stoyanov (Chairman of the Union of Oenologists of Bulgaria); Deputy Chairmen: Gvozden Radenkovic (Chair of the Serbian Union of Winemakers).

The competition and the rating will be based on the blind tasting procedure according to the OIV standards. The Jury will use the 100 point evaluation system. All wines scored more than 85 points, will be posted in the special bilingual section (detailed information about each wine and its rating will be given in Russian and English languages) on the Forum’s web site and on the Internet resources of the relevant partner branch and corporate media. These rating is an independent platform for the Black Sea Region wines international evaluation, which is needed by the for the consumers especially from the Russian speaking world, who are in general cannot follow the usual world known English ratings.

The Competition “Black Sea Wines 2017” will be held in the following 9 categories: 1) Still White Wines, The vintage 2015 or Younger; 2) Still White Wines, The Vintage 2014 or Older; 3) Still Red Wines, The Vintage 2015 or Younger; 4) Still Red Wines, The vintage 2014 or Older; 5) Rosé Wines; 6) Sparkling Wines; 7) Natural Sweet and Semi-Sweet Wines; 8) Liqueur Wines; 9) Brandies and Other Spirituous Beverages of Vitivinicultural Origin.

Participation in the “Black Sea Wines 2017” competition and rating is free for the Forum’s participants! The companies which do not take part in the Forum, can submit the sample for the competition and rating only upon the special decision made by the Forum’s Board. Companies wishing to submit their wines for competition and rating must register each sample separately using the registration form provided on the site in the section “Competition and Rating”. The filled forms have to be send until 25 June 2017 to the Forum’s’ address:

The product samples (each sample in the volume not less than 2 bottles for 0,75L or equivalent for wines, 2 bottles for 0,5L or equivalent for brandies and other spirituous beverages of vitivinicultural origin) have to be to the Korston Club Hotel until 27 June 2017.

Please download the assessment lists (OIV standard lists, elaborated by the OIE)